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Frost Free at Last!


We all know how unpredictable weather in Colorado can be, but we have passed the last average annual frost date and that means one thing…. annuals!

Mother’s Day is generally looked upon as the safe date to start annual plantings.  There are many types that can handle and prefer cooler weather, but the more tender and tropical plants need warmer night time temperatures.  It is always a good idea to harden the plants off, meaning set them out in a protected location for a few nights before you actually plant them.

Annuals can be used in many ways.  The most popular are in pots, hanging baskets or in a small bed that is strategically located.  Every home has that strange spot where nothing will grow or the previous owners made an unusual choice regarding placement of sidewalks, driveways etc. This is the perfect place to fill with annuals for an unexpected splash of color.  Annuals give a finished look to patios, decks, pergolas, walkways and pool decks.

In Colorado we grow many tropical plants that can not survive the winter as annuals like cannas, elephant ear, lantana and caladiums.  Some old time favorites such as petunias, geraniums, lobelia, alyssum, marigolds, begonias and impatiens provide bright colors for the entire summer.

Annuals allow you to get creative making pots for the summer.  Color combinations, textural plants and amazing foliage can all contribute to beautiful pots or beds to enhance your outdoor spaces.


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