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Colorado Wildflowers

Anyone who has been to the Colorado high country in the summer remembers the vast expanses of beautiful wildflowers.  Every color of the rainbow, size and shape seem to be represented.  Each year the flowers mingle in new ways, with some thriving due to extra moisture or an especially warm year.

crested butte 051

It is tempting to try to recreate this effect at our homes.  In the Denver metro area we can grow some but not all of the wildflowers native to the mountains.   It is possible to plant a wildflower meadow, usually from seed either late in fall or early spring.  There are numerous mixes of seeds that can mimic the look of the high mountain meadows, minus the high mountains!

If you have an area you would like to plant as a native wildflower meadow give us a call!

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Summertime flowering perennials

As we shift into the warmer summer days, some gardens tend to loose their flair.  In springtime we have bulbs and lots of yellows and purple tones.  Lilies, poppies and peonies begin to fade way and there may be a blank spot in your garden. Summertime bloomers are warm colored to go with the warm days.  Think of using red, bright oranges and yellows to stand out for this short time.  Red hot poker, Black-Eyed Susan, Coneflower, Evening primrose, Bee balm and Hollyhock are all summer-flowering.  Choose 1 or 2 to add to a perennial bed for some summertime brightness!

hollyhock redhot poker evening primrose monarda

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