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Earth Day

earthdayHappy Earth Day!  Every year we make New Years Resolutions, but what about a resolution to help the Earth?

Maybe you have been thinking about starting to grow your own vegetables and herbs, maybe you want to plant one more tree.  Trying to conserve water?  Replace your turfgrass lawn with more xeric vegetation.  Instead of tossing all of your kitchen scraps and yard waste into the trash, you could compost (no worms!!)  If you feel inspired, contact us and we can help!

Beautiful Bulbs

Don’t you just love the first signs of spring? Colorful crocus, delightful daffodils and terrific tulips get us ready for more flowers and the warm up to come. Did you think- I wish I had those in my garden! The hard part of bulbs is they are planted in late fall when they are the furthest thing from your mind! Now is a perfect time to take note of where you would like to plant bulbs. Contact us soon and we can design a beautiful bulb display for next spring to be planted in October or November.tulips




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