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Burrrr, Early Cold Weather

September is a crazy weather month in Colorado and this one proves no different.  It is not unusual to get cold weather early and the rest of the month looks beautiful.  Do the work today and the plants should be around for you to enjoy for a few more weeks!

Although we won’t have a freeze tonight, it is a good idea to cover or bring inside anything tender.  Tomatoes are almost perfect right now, and you don’t want them to get ruined in one night!  Toss an old towel or tarp over them to keep any heat from the day in.  Same goes for peppers and cucumbers.

Did you plant a beautiful exotic flower in a planter earlier this summer? These do not like the cold either! Give them a spot overnight in the garage or a sheltered area of the patio or you can cover them as well.  Any house plants that were moved outside definitely need to be moved, it doesn’t ever get to 35 degrees in your house!

Everything should be fine to be moved back or uncovered by Saturday morning.