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Enticing Weather

There is no denying the weather right now is fantastic!  The weekend looks to be in the 80’s in the metro Denver area, sunny dry and beautiful.  This is very unusual for March, as our average highs should be somewhere around 54 degrees, cloudy and wet!  March is known for the arrival of spring, and huge spring snow storms.
As we all get outside and quell our spring fever, planting gardens is an idea for many.  Don’t give in!!!  It is important to wait to plant for many reasons.  The weather is bound to take a turn for the worse, with night time temperatures dropping below freezing and snow likely in the next few months.
Even hardy shrubs and trees can benefit from a couple more weeks time before planting.
The best thing to do now is take inventory- what areas look bare, lost something last year, need more color etc.  Make a plan and a list and get spring cleaning started.  Before you know it planting season will be here!20160318_095753

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