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These are some of my favorite plants; some have great foliage, some smell wonderful, and some have spectacular flowers!  Select a few and we will incorporate them into your design.


Colorado Blue Spruce     Picea pungens

The Colorado state tree as determined by school children in 1892.  It was not formally named until 1939. It has a great shape, grows very large and has striking blue/green needles year round, Colorado native.  This tree has many cultivars to accommodate smaller size yards.


Douglas Fir      Pseudotsuga menziesii

Beautifully shaped tree with green needles year round and interesting cones, Colorado native.


Catalpa Tree      Catalpa speciosa

Although not native to Colorado, it does well in our conditions.  Giant heart-shaped leaves with seed pods in the fall and exotic, white flowers in spring.  Makes an excellent specimen tree.


Western Red Birch     Betula occidentalis

This is a smaller tree that tends to grow in a clump form.  It exhibits beautiful bark, dark green leaves and great fall color!  It is also a Colorado native and grows well at higher elevations.riverbirch-768x1024


Red Twig Dogwood      Cornus stolonifera

The name says it all!  Red twigs in winter, and white summer flowers and berries, Colorado native.redtwig_snow_

Golden Currant      Ribes aureum

Stunning shrub with yellow, clove scented flowers in spring and great colors in fall, Colorado native.


Lilac      Syringa vulgaris

Lilacs are know for their incredible scent and light purple flowers in spring time.


Snowberry     Symphoricarpos albus

Snowberry shrubs provide interest all year.  They bloom with light pink flowers in spring, have nice green foliage in the summer and have white berries all fall and winter. A great Colorado native!symphoricarpos-albus-white-edge-1


Rocky Mountain Columbine      Aquilegia caerulea

State flower of Colorado, spectacular showy blue flowers with interesting foliage, Colorado native.

“A garden without Columbine is simply incomplete” Allen Armitage


Rocky Mountain Penstemon      Penstemon strictus

Penstemons thrive in Colorado, tall and slender stems give way to a profusion of blue or purple flowers.  There are many types of Penstemon that are native to Colorado with different heights, colors and bloom times.

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Coral Bells      Heuchera species

These plants are know for their excellent foliage.  Available in many varieties with colors and textures that will add to the garden all growing season.


Blazing Star/ Gayfeather      Liatris punctata

Great late summer bloomer, excellent height and color in the garden, very tolerant of heat and drought. Colorado native.


Iris      Iridaceae species

The flowers of Irises provide endless options for color, but the tall, narrow swordlike foliage lasts through the growing season and they provide beautiful spring flowers.


Hellebores     Helleborus species

This is an amazing plant.  The foliage is semi-evergreen and it blooms in late winter to early spring!  There are many colors available and they are such a delight to see so early in the season.helleborus

Canada Goldenrod     Solidago canadensis

A late blooming perennial with a great upright form and bright flowers.  Colorado native.


Indian Rice Grass- Achnatherum hymenoides

Seed heads are very striking in late summer and fall, good shape and size for an ornamental grass. Colorado native.


Blue Grama     Bouteloua gracillis

This is the state grass of Colorado and a native. This beautiful grass forms bunches, stays under 2 feet and the seed heads look like eyelashes.blonde-ambition-blue-grama-grass

Little Bluestem      Schizachyrium scoparium

This grass has an excellent fall color and interesting seed heads.  Colorado native.


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