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Seed Starting and More

Have you tried to grow your own vegetables, with marginal results?  There are many variables that cause the difference between a garden thriving or starving.

Are you curious which plants are best started from seed and then transplanted into the ground?  Some types of vegetables do not like to be moved, and need to be sown directly in the garden.  There are different temperature needs too.  A few vegetables like it chilly, and will start to grow and produce even before you can plant others!  If you are interested in growing your own produce this summer, contact Oakes Yard and Garden Design so we can get you started on the right foot.  The time is quickly approaching to get planting.

Spring Fever

The weather has been amazing the past few days, and spring fever is setting in!  Don’t get too excited yet, Denver has very unpredictable weather and it has been know to snow in June.  The best things you can do now to get outside and work in your yard would be to clean up anything from past snowstorms or what you didn’t get in the fall.  The other thing you can do to get a head start is to plan what you would like to do in the spring.  Make a list of veggies to grow, look around and see if there is  a big empty spot where something died, a bed that needs more life, or a whole new design.  Before you can start to plant come up with the groundwork, materials and a plan.  This will help you have things ready when the time comes.  Hang in there, bulbs should start to emerge soon, and spring will be here before you know it!

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