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The Forecast Says What?


20160416_082344-1Traditionally in the landscape and nursery industries Mothers Day is regarded as “safe”.  From that day on the risk of snow and freezing temperatures is significantly lower.  Not this year!  It looks like the majority of the urban corridor will get some type of spring snow and below freezing temperatures on Friday night.  This can wreak havoc on tender annuals, vegetables and flowering perennials.  If you are able the best thing to do with newly planted containers is move them to a garage, covered patio or other sheltered location.  If that is not possible cover them with an old towel or sheet.  Vegetables are probably less mobile, so old sheets or tarps will have to be placed carefully over the garden beds.  Just make sure the covering helps keep heat in and the cold out.  Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and basil face the highest risk.
By now the perennials are in full swing- poppies, peonies, columbines, iris and may others are in bloom now.  The best way to preserve the blooms is with empty buckets, trash cans or other covering that will keep the blooms safe.
The moisture is welcome but we are a little late for snow!!
Try to get out today before the cold front moves in to preserve as much heat as possible.
Lastly, do not water later than noon today so the roots won’t freeze.
Good luck Colorado gardeners!

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