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Veggies Galore!

If you are like me and got a late start planting veggies this year, don’t fret!  This is the time you will begin to reap the rewards and get to eat your own homegrown vegetables.  Cool season crops like peas and spinach should be winding down while those that love the heat should be taking off.

Green beans, early tomatoes, zucchini and some peppers should be ready for the picking.  Make sure you have thinned anything that grows underground: beets, carrots, parsnips etc.  Now is a great time to clean up and get any broken stalks or leaves, remove any plants that are not producing and get the weeds out.  Soon you should begin to see more tomatoes, cucumbers will emerge and peppers will get larger.

Make sure to give them lots of consistent moisture to keep growing!

What is your favorite summertime homegrown vegetable?cherry toms greenbeans zucchini

Summertime Blues?

Springtime brings us bountiful displays of flowering trees and shrubs and bulbs galore. Early summer we have a fantastic flourish of fancy blooms fed by lots of rain. This time of the summer, some gardens can drop off in the flower department. Don’t let that happen to you! There are so many types of plants that thrive in our hot, dry climate in mid-summer. Most of these plants will take you through to the end of the summer, and can provide important food and habitat for bees, butterflies and birds. Want to add some great late season color? Let us guide you to wonderful plants that will brighten up those summertime blues.

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