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Ready, Set, Spring!

All of the signs are here:  daylight savings time, melting snow, chirping birds and BULBS!!  Spring is officially here on March 20, only 10 days away.IMG_1848

This is a great time to get outside and get going.  While we will still have a few more snow storms and the temperature is not warm enough to start planting much, we can get out and get ready.  Check your trees and shrubs for any signs of damage from the snow or cold.  Take inventory of where your bulbs are coming up and what they are. Make a list of anywhere you want to fill in or brighten up.  Get you soils ready in planting beds and veggie gardens.  You can add compost  and start to turn over the soils. It won’t be long before it is time to drop seeds.  Any perennials that you left the stems and flower heads on in the fall are ready to be trimmed back.  Soon you should have crocus, daffodils and tulips popping out.  Other plants will begin to show their foliage soon as well.  Take advantage of this beautiful weather and get your garden ready to go!IMG_1809 tulips

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