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Ohhh, Springtime in Colorado

We all know the weather in Colorado can be unpredicitable, but snow on Mothers Day?

Yes, in fact, the latest it has snowed in Denver is June 12.  This is unusual but not unheard of.

With the warm, spring temperatures the last couple of weeks many people have done some planting.  Make sure if you have tender vegetables or plants out you cover them or move them to a sheltered area.  I cover my tulips that I would like to see again, and anything delicate that may not be able to take the snow cover.  You can use old plant pots, buckets, yogurt containers etc.  These will protect from the weight of the snow and the cold.  Make sure to watch trees and large shrubs that have leafed out so the branches do not break.  Go out with a broom and gently knock the snow from branches that are bending.Hold off on putting tomatoes and peppers in until late in the week, when nighttime temperatures have warmed.

A little preventive work during the snow should save some headaches later.  This is Colorado afterall, and the extra precipitation is welcome!

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